National TSA Officer Highlights

2017-2018 National TSA Officers




Ms. Aala Nasir

National TSA President

Deep Run
High School

Glen Allen, VA

Hi national TSA, my name is Aala Nasir and I am honored to serve as your 2017-2018 National TSA President. I am a high school senior and a member of the TSA chapter at Deep Run High School in Glen Allen, Virginia.
This will be my sixth year in TSA. My chapter meets weekly to complete projects and plan fundraisers.

TSA has opened many doors for me over the past several years and has exposed me to areas in STEM that have helped shape my future goals. My interest in graphic design was sparked when I first competed in Communications Challenge in middle school and Desktop Publishing in high school.
However, my favorite competition today would have to be biotechnology design as it combines both of my interests: science and engineering. I want to say thank you to my chapter and state advisors who have guided me through TSA.

Outside of school I volunteer with a local rescue squad as an EMT. I also conduct research with a local university.

In the future, I plan on studying biomedical engineering and going to medical school. 





Ms. Jessica Strait

National TSA Vice President

High School

Abingdon, VA

Hello National TSA, my name is Jessica Strait and I am the 2017–2018 National TSA Vice President. I am a senior at Abingdon High School in Abingdon, Virginia.

I have been a member of TSA for seven years and my favorite competition is Chapter Team. I first became interested in parliamentary procedure when I was in sixth grade and I have never looked back. I am thankful for my chapter and state advisors for fostering my love of TSA over the years.

In addition to being a member of TSA I am a member of the National Honor Society and chess club, and I serve as captain of my school's color guard and president of my senior class.

After graduation I hope to attend a four-year university to double major in data analytics and information technology. 





Ms. Shanda Manasco

National TSA Secretary

High School

Jemison, AL

Hi national TSA, my name is Shanda Manasco and I am your 2017-2018 National TSA Secretary. I am a senior at Jemison High School in Jemison, Alabama.

My TSA journey began five years ago and I am forever thankful to my TSA chapter for creating my TSA foundation. I am also thankful to Alabama TSA for providing me with a lifetime of memories and friends. 

I enjoy competing in many TSA competitions but my all-time favorite competition is Problem Solving.
In addition to TSA I am the dance team captain at my high school, an elementary aid at my local elementary school, a member of the BETA Club, the student government association, and yearbook staff.
In the future, I would like to combine the skills TSA has taught me with my love for science and people and become a nurse practitioner.




Mr. Simon Jolly

National TSA Treasurer

Hardin Valley Academy

Knoxville, TN

Hi national TSA, my name is Simon Jolly and I am the 2017-2018 National TSA Treasurer. I am a senior at Hardin Valley Academy in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I am entering my seventh year as a member of TSA. I am incredibly thankful to my chapters at both Karns Middle School and Hardin Valley Academy. 

Since the seventh grade my favorite competitive event has been Chapter Team. I love the close-knit relationship that this event creates between the members of the team.

In addition to TSA I serve as my school's student body vice president, play the violin in the Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra Association, and stay active in local politics.

Looking past high school I hope to combine my interests in environmental science and politics to potentially pursue a career in crafting environmental policy and conducting research. 



Mr Yoshi Torralva

National TSA Reporter

Braden River High School

Bradenton, Florida

Hi national TSA, my name is Yoshi Torralva and I am the 2017-2018 National TSA Reporter. I am a high School senior at Braden River High School in Bradenton, Florida.

I have been a member of TSA for seven years. My TSA career started before I even joined the chapter. When I first toured my middle school's engineering lab I was amazed by the fascinating TSA projects surrounding me. From that moment I knew that TSA would be a great creative outlet to foster my passions in STEM and the arts and my advisors were there to help me along the way.

My first competitive event, Transportation Modeling, honed my craftsmanship and most importantly kick-started my TSA career. Some of my favorite events include Photography, Fashion Design, VEX, and Promotional Design. All of these events make you "think out the box." Overall, that’s what TSA is all about.

Outside of school, I started community service projects involving the homeless and the veteran community in my hometown. Through these projects I was able to meet many people and bring awareness to unseen areas of my community.

In the future I hope to become a designer and impact a global audience through innovative design methods.





Mr. Preston Crawford

National TSA Sergeant-at-Arms

Lowndes High School
Valdosta, GA




Hi national TSA, my name is Preston Crawford and I am the 2017-2018 National TSA Sergeant-at-Arms. I am a sophomore at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia.

I have been in TSA for four years and have loved every one of those years. I give thanks to my advisors for the opportunities they have given me. It is an honor to lead such a great organization. 

I enjoy competing in TSA and have many favorites, but my all-time favorite competitive event is Chapter Team.

In addition to TSA I am fortunate to play tenors for my high school band, the Lowndes High Georgia Bridgemen. I have a great love of music, although it is second in line to my love of TSA.

In the future I see myself being able to help people by becoming a doctor. I also enjoy seeing how technology interfaces with medicine, so I am very interested in intertwining the two disciplines.



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