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TSA members represent students with many interests and talents. Our competitive events are wide ranging because the scope of technology is ever expanding. There is not an employer today that does not seek the most technologically literate employees who have the leadership and organizational skills of a TSA member. On this page we will provide links to educational and career related sites

Careers in Technology Education

If you like being around people and like working with innovations in technology, technology education is an outstanding career choice. Students in TSA make excellent technology teacher candidates because they:

  • have already learned about the role of technology in our world
  • are leaders and hands-on problem solvers, and
  • they work as team members.

Visit ITEEA (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association) for information about career opportunites in Technology Education

Visit for information on student recruitment for teaching technology in New Jersey.  Also, links to undergraduate technology education programs across the country.

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