TSA Advisor Appreciation Week

TSA Advisor Appreciation Week is February 11-15, 2019! Let your advisor know how much you appreciate all they do for you and your chapter. Here are "10 Ways to Celebrate TSA Advisor Appreciation Week":

  1. Bring homemade cookies or other snacks each day of the week for your advisor.
  2. Express your chapter’s appreciation for your advisor during before or after school announcements.
  3. Give your advisor a thank you card (Template 1 or Template 2) signed by each chapter member.
  4. Suggest a small donation from chapter members. Use the funds to buy a gift card for your advisor to their favorite restaurant or store...
  5. ... or purchase a TSA shirt from the TSA Store to give to your advisor.
  6. Create a thank you banner to be displayed in the hall or classroom.
  7. Make an advisor appreciation video and show the video at your chapter meeting.
  8. Make an “advisor appreciation” certificate with official signatures of the chapter officers to present to your advisor at your next chapter or school board meeting.
  9. Nominate your advisor for Advisor of the Year.
  10. Purchase an International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) or Association for Career and Technical Education® (ACTE) professional membership for your advisor.