Wendys Heisman Winner

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TSA Chapter Celebrates Outstanding Senior in the Race for the
2009 Wendy’s High School Heisman



High Technology High School is extending a special congratulations to TSA member, Oliver Song, who was recently named as a finalist for the prestigious Wendy’s High School Heisman Award. To be eligible for this award, students must exhibit excellence in academics, athletics, and community/school leadership.

The Wendy’s High School Heisman program, awarded in conjunction with the collegiate Heisman, celebrates the achievements of the nation’s top high school seniors both in and out of the classroom. Just as the collegiate Heisman is known for being the top award in college football, the Wendy’s High School Heisman award is known for being a prestigious award at the high school level. The award encourages future leadership by recognizing well-balanced lifestyles at an early age.

“Oliver Song is an inspiration to those around them and will represent their school well as a Wendy’s High School Heisman finalist,” said Archie Griffin, the only two-time winner of the prestigious Heisman Memorial Trophy and Wendy’s High School Heisman program spokesperson. “I’m proud to be a part of a program that honors young men and women who embody the spirit of the Heisman tradition of hard work, dedication and an outstanding record both on and off the field.”

Two national winners and 10 finalists were selected from a group of nearly 55,000 school applicants. The twelve national finalists participated in Heisman weekend festivities during an all-expense paid trip to New York City on December 11, 2009. ESPN featured all 12 national finalists during the national telecast of the college Heisman Memorial Trophy presentation.

In addition to his academic achievements, Oliver participates in cross country and track and field. Some of his academic honors include the Rutgers University Book Award, the Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation Award, and placing 1st with his chapter team members in Technology Problem Solving at the 2009 National TSA Conference in Denver, Colorado.

"Oliver's commitment and involvement in TSA over the past 4 years has definitely increased his opportunity to accomplish many of the things that he has undertaken during his time in High School,” said Bob Dennis, High Technology High School TSA chapter advisor. Dennis continues, “I believe that involvement in an organization such as TSA provides students with an opportunity to succeed in many areas of academics through the many competitive events offered at the Design Conference. I see this in many students as they have become successful in their TSA competitions events they will increase their self-confidence to succeed in all areas of their academic program."

When asked what the future holds for him, Oliver replies, “my current plan for post-high-school life is simply to go to college. I will run, become an engineer, and just try to stay on top of my life. I will major in either Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Business, or a wacky combination of these. I'll definitely try to be a leader in my community at whichever college I attend. Perhaps, if the opportunity presents itself, I'll take a year's leave from the educational scene and live with Shaolin monks in the high mountains of China or go to an impoverished third world country as a Red Cross worker. In the long term, I hope to meet a team that I can catalyze with and start a business. In general, since I'm pretty ambitious and like to keep myself busy, I will jump on whichever opportunities arise and my life will change accordingly. However, I strongly believe that although my plan is far from concrete I will adapt in any environment and eventually find my way to success. As I like to say, it's all part of the Master Plan.”

Since 1994, more than 188,000 high school students have represented their schools and participated in the Wendy’s High School Heisman program. The program consists of six stages of awards – applicants, school winners, state finalists, state winners, national finalists and national winners. Entries are initially evaluated by ACT Assessment during the Applicant, State Finalist and State Winner phases and then passed on to a distinguished panel of judges. Known for the ACT college entrance exam, ACT is a nonprofit organization offering educational measurement and research services.

Wendy's International, Inc. (NYSE: WEN) is one of the world's largest and most operating and franchising companies. More information about the Company is available at www.wendys-invest.com. More information on the WHSH program is available at www.WendysHeisman.com or by calling 1-800-205-6367.