Competition Updates


Please note: For all entries that require documentation materials (comprising a “portfolio”) secured in a clear front report cover, visit this site for a sample report cover. 


MS Catapult Design

Please note the clarification that is underlined for Procedure L:
When teams receive their bucket and the fire command is
given, they will have one (1) minute to launch as many hollow
plastic practice golf balls as possible, one at a time, to accumulate as many
points as possible in the net. Each team must cease firing at
one (1) minute. No shots made after time has been called will
count. Updated 9/29/15

Use these links to view a chipping target and plastic golf balls for MS Catapult Design. The target shown in the link will replace the one pictured in Procedure M in the competition guidelines. Added 10/27/15

Adjustment to the first sentence of Procedure M:
The center of the scoring net will be approximately 15' to 25' from the launching area; students should use their tape measure to determine the distance to the center of the target in order to adjust their catapult for accuracy to that distance. Updated 1/19/16

MS Forensic Technology

Please note the following additional tool that is required in each student forensic tool kit
(Regulation E):
11. duster and dust (for fingerprinting) Updated 12/10/15
12. fingerprint lifting tape (or clear packing tape, but NOT everyday Scotch tape) Updated 1/29/16

The written test scores of individual team members will be averaged and recorded as a
single team score on the rubric. Twelve teams with the highest scores will be selected as
semifinalists for the on-site problem. Recognition awards will be provided for finalist team
placement only. Updated 10/2/15

National TSA conference information

The on-site problem for Forensic Technology at the conference will require participants to:

  • demonstrate 1-2 techniques/procedures for evidence collection using their toolkits
  • write an analysis of the crime scene

Teams will be allowed 20 minutes to review the crime scene and collect items, and 15 minutes for the written analysis. 

Regulation F, third bullet should read: Creation of a proportional drawing that accurately represents the crime scene. (Note The crime scene template in the toolkit may be used to create the drawing, but the drawing does NOT need to be to scale.) 
Updated 3/28/16