Themes & Problems

2014-2015 Competitive Event Themes and Problems
Middle School

Career Prep
Choose one of these careers:
Nuclear Engineer
Database Administrator
Information Systems Security Professional
Software Developer

Digital Photography
Theme: Our Town

Essays on Technology
Topic: Trends in Social Networking
Teenagers/Young Adults
Future Potential of Social Networking

Geospatial Technology
Click here for the 2015 design brief.

Prepared Speech
Theme: Designing Your Dreams

Promotional Design
For entry submission for MS Promotional Design follow this link:

Water Infrastructure
Topic: The Impact of Green Infrastructures on Communities

Website Design
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To submit your URL, please use this link:

High School

Architectural Renovation
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Biotechnology Design
Focus area: The role of biotechnology in forensics

Career Preparation
Career areas:
Aeronautical Engineer
Computer Information Security Specialist Professional (CISSP)
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Analyst

CNC Production
Problem: Fabricate a mechanical bank device that self-deposits pennies; evaluation is based on the number of pennies that can be deposited in a two (2)-minute time frame.The theme of the mechanical bank must be inspired by the city and/or state of the national TSA conference site.

Debating Technological Issues

Topic: One-to-one laptops/devices for students in public education
1. Should schools purchase devices (laptops/other) for all students in K-12 education?
2. Is the cost of devices for all K-12 students worth the investment?
3. If one-to-one devices are purchased for K-12 students, how can faculty/staff ensure they will only be used for educational purposes?

Digital Video Production
Theme: Cyber Spying

Fashion Design
Click here for the 2015 theme.

Manufacturing Prototype
Product: Child’s pull toy

Photographic Technology
Theme: Innovation

Prepared Presentation
Theme: Designing Your Dreams

Promotional Graphics

Challenge: Create a promotional design to inform and encourage participation in TSA’s official community service project – the American Cancer Society (ACS).
For specific requirements about the use of the ACS logo, click here.
Entries must be submitted no later 11:59 pm (PDT) on June 10th. For entry submission follow this link:

Structural Design and Engineering
Click here for the 2015 challenge.

Transportation Modeling
Theme: Helicopters

Click here for the 2015 design brief.