Themes & Problems

2015-2016 Competitive Event Themes and Problems


Career Prep
Choose one of these careers:
     Civil engineer
     IT manager
     Computer programmer
     Project manager

Children's Stories
Theme: The marine life of our oceans, lakes, rivers, and/or streams

Digital Photography
Theme: Family

Environmental Engineering
Topic: Water supply and treatment

Essays on Technology
Topic: Developments in robotics technology in the past 50 years
     Personal use

Geospatial Technology
Click here for the 2016 design brief.

Mass Production
Theme: A desk organizer that includes the TSA logo

Microcontroller Design
Challenge: Create an educational toy for a preschool-aged child (ages 2-4 years old)

Prepared Speech
(Conference) Theme: Building a Legacy

Structural Engineering
Click here for the 2016 challenge. Updated 9/16/15
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Website Design
Click here for the 2016 design brief.
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Architectural Renovation
Click here for the 2016 challenge.
Click here for photographs and information related to the 2016 challenge. Added 10/2/15

Biotechnology Design
Area of focus: Outer space and biotechnology 

Career Preparation
Career areas:
     Manufacturing engineer
     Web developer
     Data communication analyst

CNC Production
Problem: Fabricate a mechanical bank device that self-deposits pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters; evaluation is based on the number of coins that can be deposited in a two (2)-minute time frame. The theme of the mechanical bank must be inspired by the city and/or state of the national TSA conference site.

Debating Technological Issues
Topic: Required Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses for high school students

Subtopic 1: What are the pros and cons of requiring STEM classes for high school students across the nation?

Subtopic 2: Are STEM classes more important than other disciplines/classes (e.g. language arts, history, fine arts) for high school students?

Subtopic 3: Should the successful completion of STEM classes be mandatory for high school graduation? 

Digital Video Production
Theme: Stopping social media bullying

Fashion Design
Click here for the 2016 theme.

Manufacturing Prototype
Product: A device to hold supplies for a person who uses a wheelchair

Photographic Technology
Theme: Macro photography

Prepared Presentation
(Conference) Theme: Building a Legacy

Promotional Graphics
Challenge: Create a design that promotes teaching technology and engineering as a career, recruiting high school students or undeclared college students.
Entries must be submitted no later 11:59 pm (PDT) on June 10th
Entry submission instructions

Structural Design and Engineering
Click here for the 2016 challenge. Updated 9/23/15; Basic configuration drawing updated 1/7/16
Click here for the Assessment form.

Transportation Modeling
Theme: Riding lawnmowers

Click here for the 2016 design brief.