"Of all the things I have done over the years to promote technology education, becoming a Technology Student Association advisor by far has had the most impact on my students and my professional development. I highly recommend being an active part of a student organization that is dedicated to furthering the principles of leadership, teamwork, and responsibility."
Dr. Laura J. Hummell
Pennsylvania TSA Corporate Member

“The experiences I gained as a TSA member, alumni, and advisor have afforded me with great opportunities in my adult life. I credit all my success as a school administrator and CRC Chairperson back to my involvement as a TSA Member.”
Tonya Vandergriff
Knox County Schools
Knoxville, TN.
Former National TSA President

“Students want to be involved in activities that they find interesting like TSA competitive events Dragster Design and Transportation Modeling. By incorporating the components of TSA competitions into my lesson plans or using the events as culminating activities, I am able to capture the imagination of my students and keep them engaged. The event official rating forms are perfect for grading rubrics. Also, I know TSA chapter activities are a strong recruiting tool for technology and engineering education classes.”
Steve Price
TSA State Advisor

"TSA’s competitions and leadership activities are fun and they also help to prepare me for a strong college education by encouraging creative thinking and providing me a strong base in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which is essential to any career field."
Pratyusha Gupta
Former National TSA President
Cesar Rodney High School, Delaware

“I have eight years of post-secondary education, but the skills I learned in TSA are the most important educational experiences I have ever had. The skills necessary to be a successful business man or to run for public office were things I learned by being in TSA.”
Robert Stokes
Former National TSA President and President of Stokes Educational Services

“My daughter began as a child who could barely plug in a toaster. By the time she finished high school she was testing circuits, creating valves and pressure devices and using tools from machine shops. She may not become an engineer by vocation, but she is so much better for having learned these principles.”
D. Layne, parent of former North Carolina TSA Member, Kristen Layne

"Involvement with TSA helps high school students make informed choices about technological career options through dynamic, problem solving activities in the classroom, development of leadership skills and participation in competitive events. The TSA State Conference is the highlight of the school year for students enrolled in technology education courses in New Jersey. It provides them with the unique opportunity of competing with other students from around the state."
Alison M. Goeke
The College of New Jersey
TSA State Advisor

"TSA is a great organization to foster the soft skills and leadership capabilities of technology education students. Our youth are capable of accomplishing great things and count on their TSA advisors to provide them with the challenge to excel. TSA students have common objectives and interests. Each is learning about his or her role in our technological society. TSA activities can have a tremendous effect upon the attitudes, growth, and development of each member."
Doug Miller
Former TSA State Advisor

"I've witnessed at regional, state, and national conferences, students interacting amongst themselves in a positive and mutually beneficial manner. To be able to compete and yet encourage and respect each other, is a lifetime skill that I believe they are gleaning from their TSA experience. The global awareness of belonging to a student organization that unites individuals from such vastly varied backgrounds and geographic locales can only serve to widen their horizons for the future."
Pixie Wescott
TSA Parent
Manteo Middle School TSA, North Carolina

"I think TSA gave me and other students the chance to do something that made them feel proud. At the time, TSA was the club to join and everyone wanted to be a member, it had the largest enrollment for any club in the whole school. Once you got there, you were given the tools to do things that you may have never thought possible. Coach Price (Steve Price, TSA Advisor) had a way of finding out your talents and finding something for you to do as part of the team."
Lorey Biggers-Choe
Former TSA Member, Pointe South Junior High, Georgia, 1987-1990