TEAMS Testimonials



TSA advisors who have brought TEAMS to their schools have a lot to say about their participation in TEAMS.

“Why did you decide to offer TEAMS, in addition to TSA, to students at your school?”

“We decided to offer TEAMS at our high school because of the rigor of the contest. We felt it was a great opportunity for our students and it fit with our program objectives for our Pre-Engineering Magnet program.”  Pam, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, Texas

“I was looking for a way to involve advanced level students from AP physics/chemistry and students that were not enrolled in my classes.”  Jim, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, Delaware

“It was a natural fit for our highly competitive students.” William, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, New Jersey

“TEAMS provides a wonderful opportunity for students to tackle a problem and work cooperatively as a team. It is what TEAMS and TSA are all about.”  Deborah, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, New Jersey

“It was one way for students to see that what they are learning in math and science matters. We have a number of brilliant students who do not go past their books and formulas. I wanted them to experience that what they learn in school goes beyond what is in the book.”  Aileen, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, Georgia

What benefits does TEAMS provide?

“Students must work together to decide how to work through problems. No one student can do it all – it is a team effort.” Sandy, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, Washington

“Since TEAMS became a part of TSA, it has only made our participation in both programs easier.” Marie, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, New Jersey

“You’ll see improvements in math, science, collaboration and organization.” Shane, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, Kansas

“The students enjoyed working as a team and applying their math and science skills. I didn’t realize the students would enjoy it so much and do so well.” Denise, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, New Jersey

“TEAMS offers students interested in all content areas an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths in a real-world challenge through a collaborative effort.” Josh, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, New Jersey

“TEAMS encourages students to rely on their teammates and work together. It is an opportunity to compete against the best and brightest in the state and nation.” Bubba, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, Georgia

More to say...

“TEAMS is a great opportunity for students! They learn and have fun at the same time.”  Bobbie, TSA Advisor/TEAMS coach, Colorado

“The students really get excited to see how they compare to other students around the country. We had a very positive experience participating in TEAMS.” Wayne, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, New Jersey

“Show it to your students! Especially the links to the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges. This is real-world stuff they won’t fine in a textbook.” Marie, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, New Jersey

“Students learn what engineering is through this competition.” Tim, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, Pennsylvania

“I am so thankful that I involved my students in this competition at the state and national level. It is an exciting event that students now look forward to.” Deborah, TSA Advisor/TEAMS Coach, New Jersey