Sample TSA Week Press Release

This press release is a model you may use in writing your own press release. Make sure to emphasize your own activities and achievements in the press release--the local news media is most interested in the accomplishments of students in your chapter and in local guest speakers you invite to your chapter. If you have questions about the press release, please contact National TSA at 703/860-9000, fax 703/758-4852, email Good luck!
School Name Proclaims Oct _____________, Technology Student Association Week 20__.

Date: date of release
Contact: contact person at chapter
Phone: telephone number of contact person


Oct________, 20__ is being celebrated as Technology Student Association (TSA) Week. School name is recognizing TSA Week through a ceremony featuring a presentation to principal's name, principal of school name. Principal's name will receive a certificate, recognizing him/her as an honorary member of TSA, and a proclamation in recognition of the day. The ceremony will take place list date, place and time.

The Technology Student Association is the national organization for technology education students. Since 1978 it has grown to 250,000 high school, middle, and elementary students in 2,000 chapters spanning 48 states. School name has participated in TSA for number of years and has participated in such events as list competitive events or special projects.

For more information about the Technology Student Association contact National TSA at 703/860-9000. For more information about TSA Week activities or the school name/chapter, contact list contact person and phone number.