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Front Page Summary: 

TSA Chapter in Planview Texas Supports High School Coach and the Local Blood Bank

The Plainview High School TSA chapter in Plainview, Texas, has been helping to support the local community blood bank, United Blood Services, for nearly 7 years. Most recently in February 2010 the James Frazier Blood Drive service project at Plainview High School was also held to help support this Plainview teacher and coach who needed blood transfusions due to his critical illness.

Stephanie Pointer, Donor Recruitment Representative for United Blood Services, explained that the recent effort at Plainview High School was a “credit to patient” type of blood drive. “Credit to patient blood drives help to alleviate the cost incurred by patients due to their medical needs.   For every four (4) units collected one unit is credited to the patient,” said Pointer. In this case, the patient was one of Planview’s own. Mr. James Frazier worked the school’s Plato Lab (the Plato lab is a credit recovery program to help students graduate) and coached the varsity football team.  Sadly, Mr. Frazier passed away shortly after the blood drive. “Coach Frazier was respected by all the students and team members. He had a great attitude, and he enjoyed life and it showed. His favorite quote was “Happy 9th” (the current day’s date, it did not matter what day it was) when you would pass him the hall,” said Mr. Terry Nelson, TSA chapter advisor.
Students helped to promote the blood drive with posters in the school and local community, advertisements on local radio, and service announcements on the school’s closed circuit TV channel. On February 8th the United Blood Services blood mobile arrived at Plainview High School along with all necessary equipment and trained nurses.    The nurses distributed information related to blood donation and privately screen all individuals. “We scheduled 35 appointments and 32 people showed up. Of that about 10 to 15 were students.   A total of 30 units of blood were donated, with 27 units being identified as usable. This service project helps to involve students in a worthwhile project. I think many continue to donate blood throughout their lives making them extremely valuable participants in society,” Mr. Nelson said. Ms. Pointer added that local high school clubs and service organizations usually make up between 10 and 15% of the blood drives in the area. “Of the 56 blood drives held in February 2010, 10 occurred at local high schools. Most teenagers are willing to try anything that they know is for a good cause,” Pointer said.
Plainview TSA is also involved in a scrap metal recycling project to help raise money for the chapter’s expenses. Mr. Nelson explains “Money is tight with everyone, while every student organization also needs financial help.” Instead of just asking local businesses for money, Plainview TSA began working for their funds. “We have been collecting scrap iron from auto body and machine shops, farmers, and private people’s back yards. We take the truckloads to the junkyard and are able to collect some money for the chapter. This enables our kids to get involved in something they have to earn as a team for their chapter,” said Nelson.