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TSA state delegation takes promotion and recruiting to a "professional" level

Last year, Ohio TSA teamed up with the Cleveland Cavaliers professional basketball team and presented the inaugural Technology & Engineering Day. More than 2,100 students and faculty advisors were involved over two separate day-long events. Ohio TSA and the Cleveland Cavaliers offered the event again this year, holding a Technology & Engineering Day in December 2008 and March 2009.

The event is an educational workshop presented by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena to promote the interests of students in technology education. Again this year, more than 2,000 participated.

The Cavaliers organization and Quicken Loans Arena have a history of hosting career days. Most notably have been local Boy Scouts, DECA and FCCLA having been hosted for the last 10 years. “The Cavaliers wanted to expand to other programs when we found TSA,” said Carl Manteau, Youth Basketball Manager with the Cavaliers Operating Company. Mr. Manteau worked with state advisor Tad Douce to develop the first Technology & Engineering Day in 2007. The event was presented by TSA along with representatives from the Cavalier organization as well as those from other professional sports. “The event takes place on center court. There is about an hour and a half of lectures from 3 or 4 guest speakers. Presenters included the TSA state officer team, the Cavaliers web designer, and the IT Director for Quicken Loans Arena. The Cavalier Game Presentation Director demonstrated the use of the Jumbotron, computer systems, the arena control room and the LED lighting program used to run a professional sports arena program,” Mr. Manteau said.

Ohio TSA promoted the event to the entire state. “We invited all the schools in the state of Ohio to come and listen to a recruiting event presentation from the Ohio TSA state officers and advisors,” said Courtney Belz, Ohio TSA President.  After the presentations that take place in the late afternoon, the attendees go to the local food court in the arena then come back to the court for the Cavs game at 7:00pm.

Mr. Manteau said, “We keep a game-type atmosphere to keep the day interesting.” The Cavalier “Scream Team” (similar a dance or cheerleading team) performs and gives the kids the chance to participate with them. Schools names are listed on the scoreboard and kids participate in trivia contents. The contest winners get to go on the court and shake hands with a few players. Ms. Belz said “…the Ohio TSA state officers had the opportunity to high five all of the players for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was quite an experience for all the kids that came and got to see what TSA was all about and enjoy a good game afterwards.”
“I personally enjoy watching the kids faces as they see all the cool things we are doing in TSA. The kids love to watch the CO2 cars races and they get the chance to participate as well. We also do robots since Ohio TSA is a sponsor of the Ohio-based National Robotics Challenge. Kids love to go head to head in a robot hockey match and check out the Lego creations as well,” Courtney added.