PA TSA Chapters Are Driven to Success

Front Page Summary: 

Need some ideas to "rev" up your fundraising?  Check out what some chapter members are doing in Pennsylvania to raise funds for the American Cancer Society


Have you ever seen a checkered flag at the finish line of your “Relay for Life event or heard someone say, “Gentlemen, start your engines”? You might have if you visited one “Relay for Life” in Pennsylvania.

Thirteen middle and high school Pennsylvania TSA chapters put their fundraising for the American Cancer Society into high gear with a unique activity. Their “Relay for Life” took on a NASCAR spin, with members challenged to create cardboard race cars they “drove” around an indoor track. In order to participate, chapters had to raise at least $25 as an entry fee. The cars, each “driven” by two chapter members, were designed from large appliance boxes, like refrigerators. Then with some rope, duct tape, markers, and balloons, racers could let their imaginations run wild as they designed their vehicles. “There was a lot of taping involved in this event for sure,” according to Pennsylvania TSA Treasurer Ben Cutler. The most unique design? “One car designed like a dragon was pretty remarkable,” Cutler said. Cutler went on to explain, “We had a four-hour time slot when chapters could come and race their cars. Once they were built, they had two chances to complete two laps around the track. They were timed on how long it would take them to complete the two laps. …We then took the fastest times, awarding prizes for first, second, and third place finishers.” The event raised nearly $900. This, in addition to money raised by their annual “Pie in the Face” fundraiser, yielded a total of $1,500 Pennsylvania TSA will be donating to the American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer. The “Pie in the Face” fundraiser, by the way, challenges state officers to collect donations in cans at their annual state conference. The two officers who raise the most money get the honor of being pied. Clearly, these chapters are keeping the FUN in their fundraising. What are your chapters doing to raise funds to help in the fight against cancer? Share your stories and photos on the national TSA Facebook page or Twitter feed.