LEAP Overview

What is LEAP?

TSA's leadership program, LEAP – which stands for “Leadership.  Education.  Achievement.  Personal Growth.” is available to all members at no cost. The purpose of LEAP is to encourage students to be the best member they can be as they seek knowledge about themselves, the organization, and their community, while demonstrating leadership. LEAP is a customized program specifically developed for the Technology Student Association.  LEAP brings to life the TSA motto, creed, and mission statement.                                     

"Embrace every opportunity to be reflective, ethical, trustworthy, decisive, confident, optimistic, flexible, and innovative.  Strive to know your resources, your community, your chapter, your state delegation, your technological skills, your responsibilities, and your organization. Accept the challenge to do things that support your goals.  Communicate, motivate others, advocate for yourself and others, solve problems, think critically, think creatively, act with integrity, serve others, and be a lifelong learner."

How Does LEAP work?

TSA has used The Student Leadership Challenge – The Five Practices for Becoming an Exemplary Leader as its leadership on-site training model since 2010.  LEAP embraces The Student Leadership Challenge and includes three opportunity tracks for TSA members: 

1. LEAP Competition Engagement

Every TSA member is required submit LEAP (Leadership. Education. Achievement. Personal Growth.) documentation as part of every competition in which they compete. LEAP documentation demonstrates the leadership activities and experiences a TSA member has completed as part of each competition. LEAP templates for individual and team events are available in the TSA High School and Middle School Competitive Events Guide for the annual national TSA conferences. 

2. LEAP Legacy Chapter

LEAP Legacy Chapter is a great opportunity for chapters to show off leadership skills, compete against other chapters from around the nation, and win cash prizes for their school. Only one chapter from each state will get the chance to compete for the national LEAP Legacy Chapter title at the national TSA conference. Portfolio submissions are due March 30th

3. Professional On-site Training

Chapter members will participate in the Student Leadership Challenge Experience – The Five Practices for Becoming an Exemplary Leader at the annual national TSA conference.

LEAP promotional video developed by Colorado TSA

LEAP overview presentation



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