In order to attend the national TSA conference, many chapters hold fundraising events to help pay for registration fees, travel costs, and other related expenses.  TSA wants to help chapters meet their financial goals by offering a few fun and different fundraising ideas, and by providing a list of helpful web resources for fundraising. 

Ideas for Fundraising:

  1.  Loose Change Challenge – This challenge helps raise money effortlessly by providing your family and friends with a plastic cup or jar, and asking them to throw in their loose change at the end of each day.  Simply collect the cups at the end of the fundraiser and count the change.
  2. Boot Camp for the Technically Challenged – Have TSA members sponsor a “technical boot camp” or “Techie Advice workshop” for people in the community who are not familiar or comfortable with technology.  Schools could open up a cafeteria or other suitable room, and for a flat rate (or hourly charge) students could provide one-on-one technical help in using computers, laptops, iPods, iPads, digital cameras, etc.  Support could range from learning the basics to more advanced needs.  Everyone would benefit and it would be a great way to extend the benefits of TSA to the community.
  3. Many community pools offer “doggie swim day” throughout the season.  Approach neighborhood pools to see if they would be willing to support your fundraising event by charging a nominal fee for “doggie swim day” and contributing the profits to the fundraiser.
  4. Approach local restaurants about sponsoring a fundraising night.  Ask local restaurants to consider donating a percentage of their profits on a designated night and then encourage all your friends and family to dine there. 
  5. “Corn in a cup” sale – Food sales after school are always a good way to raise money.  Here is a recipe that is easy to pull together and a fun alternative to pizza and hot dogs:  Set up a stand and encourage your friends to try it!

Web Resources for Fundraising:

  1. – provides product information, ideas for planning fundraisers, unique fundraising ideas, and a fundraising “tools and tips” section.
  2. – describes clothing-drive fundraisers and offers tips to help organize the clothing drives. 
  3. - offers some creative alternatives to school fundraisers (in a blog format).
  4. - offers a list of creative fundraising ideas shared by readers of PTO Today (online).
  5. - describes online donations fundraisers (also known as “crowdfunding”) for your cause.
  6. – describes an app that lets people raise funds for schools by parents (other others) taking snapshots of their receipts and submitting them.

*All fundraising events and/or activities are held at your own risk.  Make sure any TSA related event and/or activity is properly insured and supervised.