Affiliation and Dues

TSA offers three curriculum- integrated membership programs. Each chapter chooses the program that works best for them.

Red Chapter Affiliation Program (Red CAP)
A chapter affiliates up to ten members by paying a flat fee (additional members may be added during the year for a fee). The membership fee for Red CAP is $100 at the national level plus state dues.

White Chapter Affiliation Program (White CAP)
A chapter affiliates eleven or more members by paying a per member White CAP fee for state and national dues. The membership fee for White CAP is $10 per member at the national level plus state dues.

Blue Chapter Affiliation Program (Blue CAP)
A chapter affiliates an unlimited number of members in a school for a flat fee (typically effective when there are more than 25 members). This option is popular in chapters where students rotate through a STEM class for a portion of the year to enable all students to be members. The membership fee for Blue CAP is $350 at the national level plus state dues.

Membership FAQ
Current State Dues
Ten Member Minimum Policy
TSA W-9 Form

All affiliated chapters receive online access to TOTAL TSA, which includes…

  • Membership Materials: Whether you are new to TSA or a seasoned advisor, the Membership Materials section has something for you. It provides guidelines for promoting, running and maintaining your chapter. It also includes chapter organization tips, promotional and marketing ideas, and descriptions of TSA's awards and recognitions. Use this along with the Leadership Lessons and Competitive Events materials to create the total TSA chapter experience.
  • Competitive Events: In order to achieve the goals of its mission statement, TSA offers its members challenging technology and leadership competitions. Every two years TSA's competitive events are reviewed and revised by the Competition Regulations Committee (CRC), a standing group of technology educators with hands-on classroom experience. The Competitive Events portion of TOTAL TSA  presents guidelines for all national TSA conference competitions, as well as a comprehensive view of each event's connection to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) standards. Additionally, leadership skills and career choices are featured for each event. Relevant for local state and national competitions, the competitive events  materials provide an excellent motivational tool for curricular activities in the classroom.
  •  Leadership Lessons: Leadership is for all TSA members. By learning leadership skills such as creative and critical thinking, communication, decision making, ethics, self-esteem, problem solving and teamwork, students are empowered for success in their competitions, classes and future careers. The contents of the Leadership Lessons section will help advisors enhance chapter dynamics and broaden the learning that takes place when students participate in TSA competitive events. The lessons can be integrated into both the technology education curriculum and the TSA chapter program of activities.

Opportunities to compete in local, state and national competitions.

Participation in TSA on-line communities such as Facebook and Twitter.
Electronic School Scene newsletters.
Access to co-curricular activities and events.
Leadership opportunities.
Opportunities to nationally showcase accomplishments as a featured member and in the School Scene.


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